There lie some important dates,

Imprinted in the chronograph of our mind called the memory,

Imperishable, permanent.

The dates including incidents, people; people special to You!

These dates, these people remain significant to You,

Till the mind liberates itself from this physical body.

You might have turned a complete stranger, or they are just being indifferent..

But these dates and people will never fade away

They will always remain in the shadows of your memory

Lurking to catch attention of your mind..

And there lie few such dates carved deeply into my mind !!

Chaotic Universe

​The Universe is a chaotic masterpiece,

And we are in a continous pursuit to find order in this chaos!!
Clouds have no shape,

The impression left behind the waves on the sand is completely random,

The hills and the mountains are carved without a specific design!!

Yet we manage to find a pattern in all 

this chaos..

Our powerful mind controls this chaos!!